Azabu Gardens Journal

Sizzling Summer Fun in the Sun!

Friends and families enjoy tasty BBQ and games on Rooftop Terrace

By Maxine Cheyney

With the summer sun shining down on Tokyo, residents search for the perfect spot to spend a relaxing sunny afternoon and celebrate the season. Azabu Gardens recently made the most of a glorious day on the popular Rooftop Terrace by presenting a traditional Western-style BBQ with family entertainment and spectacular views of the bustling city. 

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Revisiting one of last year’s most popular events, residents and their guests were once again invited to catch some midday rays among the green plants on the spacious roof, indulge in tasty food washed down with long cold drinks, enjoy some laughs, and take an open house tour of the luxury property in central Tokyo.

Local caterers again rolled out a mouth-watering selection of meaty ribs, juicy burgers, tempting mac ’n’ cheese, fresh salads, healthy fruits and much more. Residents and guests loaded their plates at the buffet and sat down to catch up with each other under large sunshades, while helpful staff served ice-cold beer, wines and soft drinks, and cleared tables. One resident said: “What a great chance for me to sit back and relax while the kids safely enjoy themselves.”

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Indeed, Azabu Gardens always aims to ensure kids are kept safe, busy, happy, fed and entertained. Our rooftop playground next to the BBQ was the ideal spot to set up hoops and other fun outdoor games under our watchful eyes. 

There was a Japanese-style street fair with games, challenges and prizes for everyone. And the fun kept coming! Peppi the Clown appeared—twice—much to the amusement of not just kids, but parents too. Peppi gently encouraged two residents to take part in his show and laughter soon filled the air as he helped them copy his movements—not always successfully!

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Kids and parents laughed together as Peppi performed funny mimes and amazing magic. He also blew balloons, which occasionally popped, and tied them cleverly into art. When Peppi did it too fast all the kids shouted, “Slower, please!” Peppi taught them how to tie balloons into animals, but giggles erupted as many strange-looking animal shapes were created. 

The warm waffles soon came out and kids kept going back for more, ladling sweet syrup over the tasty snacks. 


Some people later escaped from the midday heat into the air-conditioned lobby and club lounge to cool down and change pace, or took the open house tour before returning to the action. One guest even used FaceTime to show his wife around the property! Another one said: “It’s a beautiful property and a great idea to have a rooftop BBQ in this weather.”

The crowd of more than 120 residents and guests was very happy to be out in the sun, and the event was a great success. Everyone left with full stomachs and smiling faces, as they looked forward to the next rooftop event!