Azabu Gardens Journal


Lee Waite explains how Azabu Gardens ensured a smooth landing for him and his wife

Finance executive Lee Waite and his wife lived in Tokyo for about four years, spending a significant amount of that time in Azabu Gardens.

As it was the first time his wife would live in Japan, one concern was whether she could find a community of like-minded friends quickly. She did, at Azabu Gardens. “One of the reasons that I originally selected the building was because my wife had never been to Japan before,” Lee explains. “And I knew it was going to be important for her to meet some people and make some friends quickly.”

As it turned out, Lee and his wife, shortly after moving in, attended a potluck party in the basement lounge at Azabu Gardens. There, she “immediately met five women she liked, so we were kind of off to the races after that. It made the transition smooth.”


Indeed, the amenities at Azabu Gardens are some of the main attractions, enabling residents to gather and connect to each other, whether they are families or couples.

In addition to joining gatherings in the lounge area from time to time, Lee, for instance, used the in-residence gym, somewhere he went four times a week. Another favorite spot, especially early on, was the rooftop, a space that allowed him to enjoy serene moments in the morning, or entertain friends at other times. “I [liked going] up there in the morning for coffee. We’ve also hosted a couple of parties there, which was nice,” he recalls.

And that’s not to mention the location of the property, which was a short commute, less than 20 minutes via chauffeur, to the office and back. “I think it’s pretty centrally located, and the quality of the building, and the maintenance of the building, all of those things are very high level.”


Amenities and location aside, what stood out for Lee was the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Azabu Gardens.

Not only did they assist when there was a challenge with communication in Japanese, they were also responsive when he faced practical issues. “The staff has been very good and extremely helpful,” he recalls.

“Having Japanese staff at the front desk when you need to do something that’s going to be super painful for you to get done, by picking up the phone and calling somebody, that’s been a great help.”

Quite apart from language support, staff were also on hand when Lee was faced with other everyday challenges, such as the need for technical maintenance in the unit. “You know, if the washing machine wasn't working, or draining, somebody would come up right away, and within a short period of time, to fix it.

“If they couldn't fix it, they’d get somebody sooner rather than later to get it done. The maintenance all takes place regularly.”


Lee is in the final preparations for his relocation to New York. As he prepares to leave Azabu Gardens, we asked if he was happy to recommend the property. “Yes. In fact, one of the reasons I wound up here was that a guy who worked for me lived here, so I went and looked at it when I was contemplating moving.”

And as it turns out, Lee’s successor “is coming up from Australia, and he’s got three kids and a wife. So, yes, I would recommend it.”