Azabu Gardens Journal

An Afternoon to Remember

Residents gather on a balmy day for an early summer grill

The beginning of summer in Tokyo, before the real heat and humidity comes to the fore, is one of the nicest times to be outside in the city. It makes for a perfect setting to enjoy food al fresco and lively conversation. And that’s what residents of Azabu Gardens were able to experience on May 18, at an early summer grill held on the Roof Deck.

About 80 residents took in the blue skies and pleasant weather for an event with an “Asian resort” theme. Food for the occasion was a selection of Thai dishes, including coconut chicken soup, fried spring rolls, glass noodle salad, green curry, and rice dumplings. There were also vegan options, and dessert was served later in the afternoon. Accompanying the delicious food was an array of beverages for adults and children alike. Residents enjoyed their food under shaded canopies and large umbrellas.

In one corner of the deck, a traditional amezaiku (Japanese candy-making) artisan was making confections in a dazzling variety of shapes: all the 12 animals of the Asian zodiac, as well as everything from dinosaurs to unicorns. Children and adults lined up at his table, marveling at the craftsman’s skill.

A Magical Afternoon

Also providing entertainment for the attendees was Mago Martino. Hailing from Italy, the magician has been performing in Tokyo for more than 12 years. During the event, he performed a variety of tricks, with everything from cards to linking rings. He also helped the children craft noisemakers out of paper. As Mago Martino said during the event, “one of the children was a magician too! He showed me an impressive card trick.” He also explained, “I think one of the most popular tricks are the ones with the linking rings. It’s something that both children and adults are impressed by.”

Resident Chris Moller said that he was happy to be able to meet up with his fellow residents. “It’s just nice to get everybody together. It’s a great opportunity.” Meanwhile, a resident who was there with her children, one of whom was the amateur magician, said that she appreciated the variety of gatherings that Azabu Gardens holds every year. “They always organize very nice events with magic, mariachis, or Santa Claus, and we always enjoy that. We love to come by and experience the entertainment and the food. Today, the magic tricks were great. That was fun to see.”

Featuring exotic food, engaging entertainment, and friendly conversation, the event was an ideal way for Azabu Gardens residents to begin the weekend, and welcome in the beginning of summer.