Azabu Gardens Journal

Prime Location

Wilmoth family explains the benefits of living in Tokyo’s most desirable locality

The unbeatable location comes with sensational views.

Situated in the coveted neighborhood of Moto-Azabu, close to Roppongi and Azabu-Juban, Azabu Gardens is in a prime location in Tokyo. Outgoing residents Roy and Michele Wilmoth consider this a particular boon. “The location really cannot be beaten,” said Michele.

For the couple, the unrivalled convenience offered by Azabu Gardens is of great benefit to young members of the family, too. With numerous international schools within walking distance, residents can easily accompany their child to school. But even those residents whose children attend a school further away will be impressed by the convenient location.

“We have one son. He goes to the American School in Japan, which is out in Chofu, so the [nearest] bus stop to this building is over by Roppongi Hills,” explained Michele. “It’s super close. And that is very, very convenient.”

Tokyo American Club is popular with residents.
(Photo: Jeff Goldberg/Esto)

Although Roy and Michele admit they didn’t make the most of Azabu Gardens’ facilities—which include two fitness centers, a rooftop garden, and an exclusive Club Lounge—an abundance of things to do within walking distance meant they were still spoilt for choice. The members-only Tokyo American Club and The Oak Door steakhouse were two of their favorite venues.

“There are quite a few places to choose right around here. It’s very easy,” said Michele.

If Azabu Gardens’ surroundings exemplify the best that Tokyo has to offer, then the complex’s apartments are no different. Solid bamboo floors, south-facing windows, and gourmet kitchens equipped with top-of-the-range appliances are just some of the features that elevate the Azabu Gardens experience far above the norm.

The spacious kitchens, equipped with modern applicances, are perfect for families.

“The buildings themselves are well appointed. The flat itself that we lived in had a nice floor plan, a nice layout and size: very modern, very clean, and well functioning,” said Roy.

And the ease of living that Azabu Gardens affords isn’t just about the physical environment. Staff are always on hand to make things easier for residents and their families. In this area, the couple feels a clear sense of progress 

“I think Azabu Gardens or Pembroke has improved the front desk service since we first moved in,” said Michele. “I think right now they have a really good team.”

Azabu Gardens East (left) and West embody the best of modern design.

Having lived in Azabu Gardens for four years, the Wilmoths are now making their way to Singapore following a job transfer. Michele is keen to extol the benefits of the complex to those who will be arriving in the city after she and her family have gone.

“I’ve talked to a lady who is relocating from Portland and I recommended this place right away, just because of the convenience quite honestly,” said Michele. “And [because of] the community, especially in the larger building; it’s kind of just built-in. It’s very easy if you’re coming from the US or somewhere to become admitted super quickly.”