Azabu Gardens Journal


The property, the amenities and friendly staff, as well as the safe and convenient location were game-changers for Pierre-Henri Belin and his family.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new city, let alone a new country, is finding a neighborhood you can settle into and a place you can call home.

For Pierre-Henri Belin, his wife and their two young children, Azabu Gardens, which is located in Tokyo’s international neighborhood of Moto-Azabu, was that idyllic place.

“Well, first, the location is just stunning,” Pierre-Henri said, speaking about Azabu Gardens, a place his family called home for two years after relocating from Switzerland.

During their stay at Azabu Gardens, three things stood out for him: the beauty of the property itself; its splendid amenities, friendly staff and its safe and convenient location.


Speaking about the property, Pierre-Henri recalls waking in the morning amid streams of golden light pouring through the expansive windows of their apartment. “What we appreciated, particularly compared to other places that I visited when looking for a place, was the natural light in the living room.”

With a five-year-old and a seven-year-old in tow, it was a relief for him and his wife that Azabu Gardens has a comfy lounge and manicured rooftop catering to families. Pierre-Henri recalls enjoying “the rooftop a lot. And the lounge, where [our kids] could really play with friends. It was a pleasure.”

And that’s not to mention the modern, in-property gym that his wife enjoyed using: “My wife used the gym a lot, it almost felt like it was her own private gym.”


Much as they loved the property, Pierre-Henri and his family were also impressed by Azabu Gardens’ staff, including the English-speaking receptionists and concierge. He recalls not just their generosity and friendliness, but that they went out of their way to ensure their needs were met despite having moved in during the Covid-19 pandemic. “They were always super helpful, very friendly,” he remembers. “Always trying to find solutions.”

Pierre-Henri recalls staff helping with translating the mail he had received in Japanese, as well as forwarding the family’s skis to their destination ahead of their winter holidays. What’s more, “There is a lot of attention from the team, not just at the reception, but also with the community aspects, which I think is very distinctive as well.”

Here, Pierre-Henri remembers how happy his kids were that the staff organized a Halloween event for residents, though there were anti-Covid-19 protocols to ensure their safe participation. Flower-arranging workshops have also been held.

Indeed, safety and convenience are some of the more noticeable features of Azabu Gardens and its surrounding areas that spoke to Pierre-Henri and his family. He recalls, for instance, the ease with which his children were able to hop on the school bus, which stops right by Azabu Gardens, on its way to the Lycée Français International de Tokyo. “This may sound like a trivial thing, but because it happens every day, it makes life a little bit easier.”


And when they returned from school, they either played in the leafy streets surrounding the property, or took a short walk to the Robot Park, a neighborhood attraction popular with local children. “The streets are very quiet, and [our children] were able to learn how to ride a bicycle there, so it’s a very good place because you can do things like that,” Pierre-Henri explained.

As for shopping and entertainment, Azabu Gardens is ideally located close to bustling areas such as Roppongi Hills, a high-end, mixed-use complex, and downtown places such as Azabu-Juban.

The neighborhood of Hiroo, which boasts the splendid Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park and National Azabu, an international supermarket, is also nearby.

“I think the location is just fantastic,” Pierre-Henri said. “For regular shopping, for the supermarket, we went to the main street in Azabu-Juban. And then we had a few nice restaurants in Roppongi Hills that we visited on a regular basis.”

Speaking about his relocation to Switzerland, which took place days after this interview, Pierre-Henri said: “I think it was as good as it could be. Movers in Japan are very professional, so it was easy. The management was also very helpful and supportive.”