Azabu Gardens Journal

An Oasis in the City

Anne Dawson explains how Azabu Gardens made her experience in Japan one to treasure

Moving to foreign countries is a way of life for some professionals and their families, and while getting to know the local culture is important, there is always a need to take a breather in a place that feels like home. For former resident Anne Dawson and her husband, the apartments, the warm and caring staff, and the facilities at Azabu Gardens provided just that.


Prime Locale

Being in Tokyo for two years, the couple enjoyed the convenient location of the Azabu-juban residence. “I think the location of Azabu Gardens is unique because on one side, you have the hustle and bustle of Roppongi and Roppongi Hills. Then you walk the opposite direction, towards Azabu Gardens, and everything just becomes quiet,” Dawson said. 

Gym amenity at Azabu Gardens

Azabu Gardens provided a tranquil and secluded space for the Dawson family, offering a much-needed escape from city life. “You have this really peaceful place to come to and I think that helps balance the experience here, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.” Dawson also reflected on the fine qualities and design of each apartment, which she found invaluable. “The apartment is wonderful. It’s beautifully designed, I think, on lots of levels. The soundproofing is phenomenal, and that is really important because there is complete privacy.”

As well as the individual apartments, Dawson applauded the facilities that were on offer. “I used the gym a lot, which is terrific. One of the pieces of equipment was recently broken and they fixed it very quickly.” As well as the gym, the Dawsons used the guest room for family visits, and praised its convenience. “We’ve used it three times, I think, but it was crucial when my in-laws came. The rules around it seem to make sense, so that people can’t overuse it. It was super convenient.”

Cultural Experience

While the area is perfect for expats, with an abundance of international supermarkets, Dawson praised the local Japanese stores. “My main grocery store was probably the Meidi-ya in Hiroo, and that’s a really nice Japanese supermarket.” Experiencing the local businesses was something Dawson did often, and it added depth to her experience in Japan.

Dawson explained that she and her husband did a lot of cooking and eating in, and she was grateful that Azabu Gardens’ apartments had large, Western-style cooking appliances. However, when they did eat out, she spoke of many good restaurants that serve traditional Japanese food. “The lovely restaurants we went to recently were Narisawa, and our favorite, which is called Inua. Then, just around the corner, there’s a restaurant called Kanda, which is a three-star Michelin restaurant.” With multiple authentic Japanese grocery stores and restaurants in the surrounding area, Azabu Gardens combines a taste of local culture and the comforts of home.