Azabu Gardens Journal

Moving on from Home in Moto-Azabu

The Andersons describe a wonderful experience at Azabu Gardens as parents


Home is the place where you can unwind from the tensions of a hurried day and seek comfort in secure surroundings. For Adrianna and Jason Anderson, tenants who are departing after more than two years, Azabu Gardens had been just that.

Adrianna said the “controlled environment” provided at Azabu Gardens allowed them to sit back, relax, and let their 10- and 12-year-old children visit friends within the building at any time. “There is a group of kids that are good buddies around here. So, having them in the same area was really nice,” said Jason. If assistance was ever needed, their children could easily approach receptionists and staff on duty.

Meanwhile, Adrianna and Jason could enjoy “the apartment where it's very serene; there’s a lot of greenery and you can hear birds chirping.” Adrianna said, “it seems like a little quiet oasis in the city,” adding, “it’s very rare to find a property in central Tokyo that gives that natural feel and Azabu Gardens definitely nailed that.”


The Andersons’ ability to unworriedly allow their kids to socialize was especially beneficial because many of their classmates from Nishimachi International School—just 10 minutes away on foot—also lived in Azabu Gardens.

The residence’s prime locale not only allowed the Andersons to experience a safe, tight-knit community, but it also encouraged a comfortable lifestyle. Adrianna said that on her way back from walking her kids to school, she dropped by National Azabu to order groceries, which were delivered shortly after to her home. Also nearby are Lincos, Nissin, Roppongi Hills and Azabu-Juban, where the Andersons shopped regularly.


Livability was further enhanced through equipment such as a foosball table and events organized by Pembroke. Jason recalled, “they did mochitsuki*—rice cake making—which was a lot of fun.” The events, which are commonly held on the lushly planted rooftop, engaged Adrianna, Jason and their two children with exciting entertainment and quality food.

Especially for parents, a home’s structural reliability is vital for comfortable living. Jason couldn’t have been more confident about Azabu Gardens: “It's new; we know that it's safe. It's not a high-rise and it's maintained very well.”


Due to their company’s relocation, the Andersons have moved back to their home state of Wyoming, where they are planning to build a new home. Looking back at their time in Azabu Gardens, the Andersons summed up their experience. “We love the layout of the apartment: it was very convenient. The staff were super nice and very helpful all the time. It was a great experience. Really, really wonderful.”

*Mochitsuki event at Azabu Gardens: