Azabu Gardens Journal

Early Summer Grill

Delicious food and drink, activities for the kids, and fun in the sun

By Poppy Hawkins

Azabu Gardens hosts plenty of events throughout the year, and with the new Japanese era, Reiwa, in full swing, an early summer grill made for a perfect occasion. The barbecue was held on May 18—a clear, sunny Saturday. Azabu Gardens residents gathered on the rooftop terrace to enjoy the sunshine and a smorgasbord of wonderful American-style cuisine and homemade cocktails from the beloved Azabu-juban eatery, Soul Food House.


Food for All

The sumptuous spread of American comfort food was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there. Soul Food House have catered for many other events around Tokyo and have built up a strong network of friends and dedicated customers. Many of the Azabu Gardens residents greeted Soul Food House owners David and LaTonya Whitaker with warm familiarity, and conversations about how much residents’ children had grown since the last event drifted through the air.

Fun and Games

AzabuBBQ19_0141.jpgWhile the adults enjoyed mingling, there were many different en-nichi (Japanese-style festival games) available to keep the young residents entertained. Under the midday sun, they were excitedly playing the ring toss, shooting tin cans with toy rifles, and getting involved in many other games. Parents watched with drinks in hand, smiling as their kids socialized with each other. There was also a charismatic caricature artist who painted pictures of the residents, providing families with perfect mementos to take home with them.

The fun, engaging events that Azabu Gardens’ staff regularly host entertain young children in many different ways, as well as offering a variety of Japanese-style experiences for residents and their kids. As the event drew to a close, one young boy, who was going to be leaving Japan soon with his family, was eagerly waiting to help the staff clean up. He then asked to take photos with the staff members to remember them and the experiences he had shared with them.


The family-friendly atmosphere set a relaxed mood for the event and gave attendees a perfect way to socialize on a Saturday afternoon. Residents chatted with their neighbors over delicious food and drink, in a setting both familiar and close to home, while appreciating the view of Tokyo Tower and the surrounding area of Moto-Azabu. Everyone walked away full and cheerful, and the event was undoubtedly a Saturday afternoon well spent.