Azabu Gardens Journal

Cooking, Fitness, and BBQ

Residents and guests get healthy at Azabu Gardens

Everyone wants to stay fit, but city life doesn’t always make it easy. At Azabu Gardens, we’re dedicated to putting healthy living at your fingertips. One way we do this is through our gyms; both the East and West buildings have 24-hour facilities.

To enhance the experience and provide added motivation, we invited a fitness instructor to provide advice on resistance training and Pilates on May 14. In two sessions, residents looking to get fit learned new techniques. 

The first session focused on resistance training, which provides health benefits including increased muscle tone, stronger joints, and greater stamina. When the second session began, participants hit the mats for Pilates, which aids concentration, control, and breathing.

In the afternoon, residents taking part in classes joined the Rooftop Terrace for a BBQ. 

Fifty people gathered in the Club Lounge for the Lulikara Cooking Classes, where they learned to make chia seed pudding and summer rolls using fresh organic ingredients. The cactus syrup used in the pudding was a popular ingredient. Others enjoyed the savory items: “The sauce was very good. The summer rolls were very tasty, even though only vegetables were used,” a guest enthused.

Families used the event as an opportunity to cook altogether as the preparation was sufficiently easy for the children to do, too. Many were delighted by the sole use of organic ingredients and, most important, the tips they received on how to buy them in Tokyo.

The dishes led the children to expand their horizons regarding their diet. “The kids usually don’t eat many vegetables,” one resident said, “but they ate a lot in the lesson.” Another commented that other children who don’t normally eat vegetables took carrots home. 

The culinary exercise was also popular with the adults: “I learned a lot. It’s good to know tips for cooking and organic stores.” 

Our open kitchen proved to be the ideal location for guests, residents and the cookery instructors to talk to one another, and many commented on the enjoyment of using the facilities. They also said the food was delicious and easy to prepare. 

As late afternoon rolled around, the 80 participants left feeling healthy, relaxed, and looking forward to the next event. We have more planned throughout the year, so come and join us next time to see for yourself all that Azabu Gardens has to offer.