Azabu Gardens Journal

Azabu Gardens Halloween Party

Things that go bump in the night


Halloween may be the scariest time of year, but there is hardly a Tokyoite around who doesn’t join in and don a costume for the weekend—and Azabu Gardens kicked-off the festivities with an afternoon of Halloween fun.

The staff of Azabu Gardens organized the annual Halloween party to get everyone in the holiday mood, with 150 residents, guests, and members of the surrounding community gathering to join in the spookiness and delights.

As children planned and prepared their costumes, excitement grew. Kids were dressed as their favorite characters, from Peter Pan and the duo of Mario and Luigi to a whole gang of Ghostbusters.


But it wasn’t just the kids who immersed themselves in the Halloween spirit. Parents and staff were dressed in a range of impressive costumes. Even our resident Dracula—also known as Tommy, our concierge team leader—was back again in full costume!


Concierge desk by day, spooky house by night, the front entrance was transformed through the carefully placed, mysterious decorations. Ghosts hung from the ceilings and giant cobwebs plastered the walls. Scary images of witches and wizards cast frightening shadows as the light from the carved pumpkins lining the desk danced across the room, creating a truly ghoulish atmosphere.


The party offered yet another great opportunity for residents to catch up and socialize, and the highlight was trick-or-treating as kids filled up with enough sweets to last right through to Christmas.

After such a stirring atmosphere, residents and guests are now—with cobwebs cleared and ghosts returned to the spirit realm—looking forward eagerly to the annual Christmas party!