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7 Ways to Stay Fit While Staying Safe

mother-daughter-home-workout.jpgBefore the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us were used to dropping in at our favorite gyms around the city to get our workouts in. But between states of emergency and a variety of social distancing protocols, it’s a challenge to exercise as usual. And while things look like they might be improving in the weeks to come, it’s still helpful to have a set of options on hand to burn calories responsibly.

We’ve compiled a list of seven different ways that you can exercise safely. Note that prices for the apps and services listed here vary, so you’ll want to check the app store that’s appropriate for your device or platform.

  1. Nike Training Club: This app has an excellent lineup of workouts that you can do with equipment as simple as an exercise mat, and during the pandemic, all of the app’s Premium content is free. Should you be looking for longer workouts, this is a great option: you can find sessions as long as 60 minutes.
  2. Charity Miles: Getting outside is a great break, and if you want to track your activity and help worthy causes at the same time, Charity Miles is a great choice. Corporate sponsors who are connected to the app will donate a few cents to the charity you choose—including Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, and Save the Children—for every mile (that’s 1.6 kilometers) that you log on the app, whether you’re running, walking or cycling. And if you’re motivated to do it and have a generous circle of friends, you can encourage them to sponsor your runs, walks or bike rides as well.
  3. Find What Feels Good: For something a little more on the relaxing side, yoga offers the perfect blend of stretching, strengthening and mindfulness. Long-time yoga aficionados may already know about Adriene Mishler, who runs the very popular Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. She has an app that’s available on iOS, Android and the web that’s called Find What Feels Good. The regularly updated lineup of yoga workouts that Adriene posts on the app are complemented by vlogs and meditations.
  4. Apple Fitness+: Although Apple Fitness+ hasn’t launched in Japan, with a bit of technical knowhow, you can get around this restriction. The simplest way is having an iTunes account in one of the countries—the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or Ireland—where the service is currently available. If this is the case, you should be good to go. While Apple Fitness+ is still relatively new, it’s already drawing a steady supply of fans thanks to the variety of workouts on offer and the positive vibe of the coaches. Keep in mind that you’ll also need an Apple Watch to use this service.
  5. Centr: Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe are probably familiar with actor Chris Hemsworth, who portrays the Norse god of thunder in the popular series of films. Hemsworth, who is known for his impressive physique, is the mind behind the popular app Centr, which is designed to offer not just training plans and workouts, but also advice on healthy eating.
  6. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App: If you want to keep things simple and frill-free, the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App gives you an introduction to the classic circuit training session that includes jumping jacks, push-ups, step-ups onto a chair, and running in place with high knees. In addition to the basic workout, you have a few other options to try, which include an intermediate level 16-minute workout and a core workout.
  7. Hit the Azabu Gardens gym! With weight training machines, bikes and treadmills, you have plenty of options to work with. And to add the feeling of getting out and around during your workout, you can load up a virtual run or bike ride YouTube video on your smartphone or tablet to watch while you’re on the equipment.