Azabu Gardens Journal

Christmas Party 2018

Good cheer, delicious food, and lots of fun for the children

By Edward Cooper

To go along with the colorful Christmas lights that are brightening up the streets of Tokyo, it’s the time of year for holiday parties that are brimming with seasonal good cheer and plenty of delicious food.

Azabu Gardens was getting the festive season off to an early start, with a party on the first day of December. As soon as you walked into the building, you could feel the holiday spirit, thanks to the staff decked out in Santa hats who were greeting residents and guests with bright smiles and friendly hellos.


The party was held in the Club Lounge, where a Christmas tree was decorated to the nines, giving the room a warm, cheery feel. The large table in the main room of the Lounge was overflowing with a plentiful buffet of mouth-watering food, served by Elio Catering. Looking at the variety of Italian delicacies, such as hearty lasagna, freshly made spinach ravioli with cream sauce, roasted zucchini, healthy salads, antipasti, and tasty fried fish, I had a hard time knowing where to start! Roast pork, delicately flavored with rosemary, was carved at the table and served with flavorful gravy. And then for dessert, there was panettone with sweetly delicious frosting and delectable mixed fruits in a light syrup.

To go along with the food, there were Huarpe Taymente Torrontés and Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc Friuli Grave white wines and Codorníu Clasico sparkling wine, as well as a selection of beers and soft drinks.


As I chatted with residents and guests who made their way into the Club Lounge, the party started getting even more lively. It was nice to hear long-term residents catching up over drinks and food, and even nicer to see residents who’d recently moved in being welcomed into friendly conversations.

Along with all of the grownups, there were plenty of children enjoying the food and the Lounge’s foosball table, and about an hour after the party started, you could tell they were ready for some entertainment. So it was the perfect time for master clown Randy Brake to drop in for a performance. From the moment he entered the Club Lounge, the audience was spellbound. The talented Brake juggled, spun plates, did magic tricks, and made balloon sculptures, all while keeping up a really funny patter that kept the audience laughing and brought them in to the act.


With all of the holiday cheer, the only thing missing was Santa Claus. So there was a visit from jolly old Saint Nick, who came bearing a bag full of gifts for all of the children. Once he finished handing out gifts, he posed for pictures with friends and family.

Following such a wonderful afternoon filled with great food, pleasant company, and delightful entertainment, I found myself feeling particularly merry for the rest of the weekend.