Azabu Gardens Journal

Spoiled by Style and Service

Alessandra Giacometti explains why Azabu Gardens is a special place

Azabu Gardens residents come from around the globe, and word of mouth has quickly sent our Moto-Azabu oasis to the top of the list of Tokyo’s prospective abodes. For Italy native Alessandra Giacometti and her family, the perfect home in the capital was found by a friend who was living nearby in Roppongi Hills.

“A friend told us someone is moving out of Azabu Gardens and that we should go and visit,” Alessandra explained. “Since the moment we got in, we said ‘okay, that’s it!’ ”

The feeling only grew after they moved in. “Azabu Gardens has been the greatest time for us,” she continued. “It’s a beautiful place to live in. We really appreciated the Japanese style and modern style. I also like the paintings. I like everything. I like the style of this building, it’s very nice.”

While we strive to create a luxurious and calming environment, it’s just one part of the tapestry. Like many of our residents, family is very important to us. Making life easier for you and your family in any way we can is the foundation upon which we build.

“The best thing in Azabu Gardens that really made the difference for us was the staff, because everybody has been so nice and kind. When you don’t speak Japanese it’s not easy. It’s something you may not think about, but even your mail … you may not understand it. The staff are always willing to help.”

Caring for children in a foreign country can be stressful. Alessandra appreciated the help provided by the Azabu Gardens staff—especially the first time an earthquake rattled the city while she was away. “I told the concierge that, if something happens, my children know that they are to come downstairs to see you. They said that was no problem. This is something we really appreciated.”

Amenities were also a highlight. “There are facilities like a small playground upstairs and a media room, which we enjoyed because [my children] had a karaoke birthday party here. Also, they could watch DVDs and movies with friends. It was very nice; they liked it.”

Getting the children to and from school can also be a source of stress, but Alessandra found that those worries dissipated quickly. The community of Azabu Gardens was comforting “because there were other children, and some of them were going to the same school. So, in the morning, they walked together or took the bus.”

The community interaction at Azabu Gardens extends to the many events that we host, and these were also cited by Alessandra as a highlight of her time with us. “I attended the culinary events—the cooking classes—last year,” she said with enthusiasm. “It was nice because I’m Italian, so I like cooking and you can use this facility. You can learn something new and meet people in the building.”

As Alessandra explained, these events are important not just for the experience itself, but for how they connect the Azabu Gardens family. “The two buildings together house more than 50 apartments … so this is a moment that the families really have a chance to stay together and meet up. They were good occasions.”

The convenience of the Roppongi Hills and Azabu-Juban areas is one of the things that makes Azabu Gardens such an ideal location. Shopping and dining options abound, and Alessandra found many favorites. “Pizza Strada is number one! Really the best pizza, much better than any other Italian places. Really very good, and staff there are very nice,” she said. High praise coming from an Italian!

“There is also Momotaro, which is a yakitori place behind Pizza Strada. Very nice,” she added. “Or there is Yasaiya Mei. It’s a Japanese restaurant in front of Marghera. They do a lot of vegetables. Or, for example, in Roppongi Hills we often go to the sushi restaurant [Pintokona], which is downstairs in the Metro Hat—that’s very good. For burgers there’s AS Classics Diner.”

Life at Azabu Gardens has set high expectations for the Giacometti family as they prepare for their next stop: Hong Kong. Asked if they have found a comparable place there, she laments, “No, the quality of the buildings is very different. I think Azabu Gardens really spoiled us, and expecting this in another place of the world would be very hard.”