Azabu Gardens Journal

Jack-o’-lanterns and Jack Frost

Azabu Gardens residents and guests welcome the holiday seasons

When the season of pumpkins and ghouls descends on Tokyo, the city fills with the wonders of Halloween. Azabu Gardens joined the fun and hosted a Halloween extravaganza for residents and the community.

It’s an exciting time of year. Staff, parents, and kids all dressed up as their favorite characters, including sumo wrestlers, Star Wars heroes and villains, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, and several Disney characters.

As children posed in their favorite costumes for a photo shoot, chanting words of joy at the top of their lungs, parents savored the moment with family and friends.

This has become one of Azabu Garden’s key events, which grew again this year with 180 guests filling the atmosphere with life and color.

And how could we forget the custom of trick-or-treating? Chocolates, senbei (Japanese rice crackers), and a multitude of other Halloween sweets rapped up the night with priceless smiles.

And the fun did not stop there …


Tidings of comfort and joy

Christmas season in Tokyo finds the streets illuminated as the city embraces the festive spirit. Residents of Azabu Gardens gathered for the second annual adult-only Azabu Gardens Residents’ Holiday Party to welcome the Christmas season.

The party was catered with meat and cheese platters, seafood paella, and fruit, and featured homemade appetizers, desserts, and tipple brought by residents to share with their neighbors.

With a moment away from parenting, the adults savored the opportunity to socialize under the soothing sounds of jazz while enjoying a wide selection of food and drinks. It was the perfect way to conclude 2016.


Join us in 2017 for more fun-filled activities!