Azabu Gardens Journal

Hina Matsuri

Mothers and Daughters Celebrate Hina Matsuri in the Club Lounge

By Maxine Cheyney

Hina Matsuri, also known as Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, is a special time for parents and their daughters. On February 25, in the comfort of the Club Lounge, Azabu Gardens held a Hina Matsuri celebration ahead of the official day on March 3.


With an ume tree from the Azabu Gardens main entrance (it just fitted!) and a set of Hina ningyo (Hina dolls) on display, the lounge captured the beautiful and artistic atmosphere of this special Japanese tradition.

Hina Matsuri is a time to pray for the healthy growth of young girls. The mothers and daughters who took part in the day’s activities had a wonderful time choosing outfits, doing their hair, and catching up with friends.

Some girls arrived in their own beautiful outfits, with makeup and hair ready for the camera. And for those who didn’t, there were many costumes available to try on. Azabu Gardens staff members were on hand to help the girls into their brightly colored (often pink) outfits and pick out matching accessories.


Thanks to a photo area where the girls could pose—often with the famous wagasa (oil-paper umbrella)—and a professional photographer to take the perfect shot, the fun of this special day will stick with families for years to come.

After all that dressing up, a snack is welcome, and sakura tea and Hina arare (rice cracker dyed white, pink, green, and yellow) were on offer. The kids enjoyed crunching on the treats and complimenting each other on their outfits while mothers snapped photos to show their families.


Sisters and best friends bonded over their outfits, discussing which zori (traditional sandals worn with kimono) matched best, and any brothers who tagged along were equipped with a katana (long single-edged sword) and their own outfit, ready to capture the photographer’s eye.

It was a great opportunity for daughters and mothers to share the time-honored tradition, and share the experience, firsthand, with other Azabu Gardens mothers—and fathers!