Azabu Gardens Journal

Community Care

Resident Nikki Morachnick shares her great appreciation for the friendly Azabu Gardens community

By Maxine Cheyney

One of the hardest parts of being in a new country is feeling homesick. Having a solid network makes all the difference, and Azabu Gardens offers a strong sense of community from day one. For Nikki Morachnick, even though she has lived in Japan before, this could not be more true.


“The most important thing was—and I don’t know how they have managed to create it—the sense of community,” she explained. 

Soon to leave Japan, Nikki highlighted the key role of Azabu Gardens staff in making her time in Tokyo comfortable and special as her husband travels regularly. Even without speaking Japanese, Nikki was able to receive help from staff with anything she needed. 

“All the concierges are super friendly, and do a great job of knowing who you are, how many kids you have, and what apartment you’re in,” she said. “They take good care of us.”

“You worry about your kids and your family adjusting and being able to make it here,” she added. But these concerns were swiftly allayed thanks to walkthroughs of the property upon moving in and the constant availability of a helping hand.

Being in Japan was also made easier by the Western-style comforts and modern architecture of Azabu Gardens. “For people who aren’t adventurous enough to do traditional Japanese housing, it’s comforting to come and have your Western appliances,” she explained. “The architecture is beautiful—they did a phenomenal job—and the artwork is just breathtaking.”

Residents and guests enjoy an event on the Rooftop Terrace

Azabu Gardens uses all of its valuable spaces to carefully bring together the community by staging various innovative events for residents and their guests. Nikki fondly recalled the many enjoyable events she attended on the Rooftop Garden.

“The Rooftop Garden and the parties up there—self-organized or when management organizes them—are lovely events, and nobody was expecting that. It also contributes to the feeling of home here,” she said. “And having this space—if I had young kids with birthday parties it would be perfect.”

One of Nikki’s concerns when moving to Azabu Gardens was its proximity to the bustling and noisy Roppongi area. However, she soon found out that this is not a problem. 

“I thought, being basically in Roppongi, that it would be loud and more party central; but this street could not be quieter,” she said. “That’s a big thing for people who are expecting to be living down in the middle of Tokyo.”

Conveniently located close to both Roppongi Hills and Azabu-Juban, Azabu Gardens has turned out to be perfect for Nikki. She explained it was great for her and her 17-year-old son, because of the range of nearby restaurants, cafés, and shops.

And, as a vegetarian, she was still able to find multiple great places. “There’s a lot in Azabu-Juban—local places for fresh vegetables—and, of course, Nissin [international gourmet supermarket].”

“And then, of course, I’d go down to Hiroo and pass National Azabu. The delivery to here is phenomenal. I used honestbee Japan, and Nissin also delivers.”

medium_DSC_0765-Bright-min (1).jpg

She added that the residents’ Facebook page has been a great resource for anyone who has just moved in, providing a friendly platform to ask questions or express concerns early on. Nikki shared one of her most spectacular memories from her time at Azabu Gardens: New Year’s Eve. “Spontaneously, a couple of us checked to see if the lounge was available and had a great party.”

All in all, Nikki said she was reluctant to leave.
“I don’t want to leave Azabu Gardens; they have spoiled me so much here.”