Azabu Gardens Journal

Bidding farewell with fond memories

Resident reflects on happy times at Azabu Gardens

Nestled in Moto-Azabu, Tokyo’s most desirable neighborhood, Azabu Gardens complements the luxury of a premier home with a central location in the heart of Tokyo.

According to outgoing tenant Maia Ben Shoshan, the address has great appeal. “For expats, I think this is a perfect location,” the Italian said. “It’s very quiet, very green, and also very close to the main street and shopping areas. I would say it’s extremely convenient.”

Maia made the most of the wealth of shopping and dining options in the area, including those in Azabu-Juban, Roppongi, and Hiroo.

Our complex, too, seems to have made a big impression on her. Maia’s highlights are “the facilities and the building itself: the design, and the interior design in the apartment.”

Residents are spoilt for choice in terms of facilities, which include two fitness centers, a rooftop garden, and an exclusive Club Lounge with an open gourmet kitchen and multi-media entertainment room.

Maia expressed delight at the freedom these public areas afforded, particularly for her two children, aged nine and 12.

Referring to the Club Lounge, she said, “It’s very easy when you can [live in Azabu Gardens]; you have another space. My son used to come here sometimes to do homework.” These facilities also proved ideal for Maia to host friends. The lounge and rooftop are great, she explained, “especially for the parties because, when we [were hosting] 20 kids, you need the space.”

According to Maia, her children loved living in Azabu Gardens, “They had friends all over the building so they used to run all over and go from house to house, sometimes to watch a movie with friends in the media room or have parties there.

“I think the most important thing is that there is a strong sense of community here,” she added.

One way in which that is created is through our staff, who Maia describes as “very professional.” While she admits she felt “initially that they were too attentive at times,” she praised them as being “very helpful and kind.”

The assistance provided by our concierge is something on which we pride ourselves—and 24-hour support for our residents has been welcome. “We know them very well; they know us very well. They know the kids,” Maia said, adding, “We feel very safe; there is always someone here.”

Such was the positive experience of Maia and her family that, as they get ready to move to South Korea following a job transfer, Azabu Gardens remains in her mind. “I just wish I could find a place like this to live over there, but it doesn't exist,” she said.